South Florida Mold Remediation​

South Florida Mold Remediation

FL Cleanup is a licensed, Florida mold remediation company. We are experts in the removal of mold in both residential and commercial buildings. We carry all the appropriate licenses and insurances to perform mold remediation in the entire state of Florida.

Mold is the most underestimated (and dangerous) problem in America. It affects not just your property and its contents but can be harmful for you, your children–family members or friends that share this space with mold-infected air – even coworkers! We’ve seen firsthand how these small particles cause big problems when they’re inhaled over time which leads to chronic illness such as lung damage; asthma attacks triggered by spores found lurking around anywhere including on carpets left open without protection from moisture fillings up against walls, surfaces, wood floors, furniture etc… Medical experts recommend calling immediately should any signs arise so we know what steps need taken next.

We’re all aware that if you can see mold, then there’s probably more of it around. It is important to contact an experienced Florida-based company like FL Cleanup who specialize in hidden molds and ensure they are removed from your home or commercial space completely so no one else will be exposed!

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